If you have ever hinted to the Metaverse that you have a passing interest in coffee, you are probably wading through any number of sponsored posts from coffee roasting companies, all of whom fight to proclaim their coffee is the freshest out there and leaves on the truck still warm from the roaster.

A number of these coffee companies don’t actually see or touch any coffee, it is “toll roasted” by one or two companies who just stick a label on it.

But they vy for the “we’re the freshest” title.

But whilst that might be great for bread or baked goods, it wouldn’t be much of a selling point for say wine or cheese.

Now not saying coffee is going to be good five years down the line but I think coffee needs a chance to rest and mature a little.

Ethiopian natural processed varieties or blends containing these certainly need at least a week or two to develop their full fruit characteristics. If you tried brewing this a couple of days after roasting, you would likely be disappointed and wonder what all the fuss was about.In my own roasting, I have noted that some subtle notes take several weeks to appear, so don’t get too hung up on the “still warm from the roaster” hype….

Written by Stuart McKnight

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