Greetings coffee fans!

I know some of my customers and potential customers have Keurig type machines and want to try something other than the pre-packaged cups from their local grocery store because they want to try fresher coffee, a choice of coffee region not available in cups or both.

I have experimented with K-Cup blanks which I have filled and packaged with many of the coffees I offer. And experimented is the word. I have a Keurig machine in the Coffee Lab for testing and a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter which objectively reads the degree of coffee extraction obtained. And although I was able to improve on the quality of the coffee compared to the big box store offerings, truth be told, I was never really happy with the results for two main reasons.

  • Cost. Those blanks are expensive unless you buy a pallet load of them and a $10K machine to fill and seal them. When I did the math, the cost of the container was about the same as the cost of the coffee filling them. Which seems out of balance to my mind.
  • Capacity - the old saying you can't fit a quart into a pint pot. The standard K-Cup contains about 10g of coffee ground fine. My measurements with the TDS meter determined that's a recipe for under extraction. Ideally you need to up the coffee weight to 15g but the capacity of the cups isn't really suited to that and grinding fine(er) can lead to backpressure problems with some Keurig style machines leading to a messy clean up and or grounds in your coffee cup. Some folks will be okay with the latter but cleaning up gets old real fast.

So what's your solution Stuart, I hear you ask ?

Well, I'm going to nix the disposable cups and replace that with what I call my "Transition Kit". In addition to the available grind levels for a coffee on the site, you will now see a "K-Cup Transition Kit" which will comprise a set of 15 pre-weighed sachets of ground coffee and 15 small paper filters. These filters will fit in the reusable K- Cup filter making cleanup easier. If you don't have a filter holder already, add a note in your order and I will include one free for your initial order. If you already have one but it's been gathering dust, here is your chance to give it new life and get better tasting coffee.

Making coffee now, just pop one of the filters in the basket, open the sachet and pour in the pre-weighed coffee. Insert in brewer and make as before to your desired brew volume and "strength". Pop open filter basket and discard coffee grounds in filter paper in your trash (or compost). Rinse filter basket under tap ready for next use.

Knowing that not everybody wants to get scales out or take a chance that their teaspoon is dosing the right amount, if pre packed coffee weights are something you would be interested in for other brew methods (French Press etc) please drop me an email and I will look into it.

Enjoy your coffee.


Written by Stuart McKnight

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