My local store is out of coffee, can I buy some from you Stuart ?

Yes of course!

How do I pay ?

You can use the Shopify checkout process to use a number of different payments. If you live in Round Rock and want to do a porch pickup to save shipping cost, that's fine.

How do I choose and what's the lead time ?

I should have most of the green beans for the varieties on the web page in stock. The "Ready to Ship" section contains beans ready for immediate shipping. Others may take a few days to work into the next roasting schedule. If you don't know what to choose, message me.

Are there any discounts for BP3 peeps ?


BP3FAM at checkout will get you 10% off each item. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't stack discount codes so one per order.

Can my friends or family use the discount code ?

Special times call for special dispensations so for now, yes. But please use your discretion...let's not do the toilet paper thing.

Does the discount work for shipping too ?

Sadly, shipping is the biggest part - the upside is that my wonderful mail carrier will pick up from my door and most local destinations in the Austin area will get delivery the following or second day after pickup. For single bags I send out in a waterproof jiffy bag. My boxes will allow up to four bags of 8oz.

If you only want one bag then I'm charging you what USPS charges me. However, if you order four bags to fill a box, I will allocate the multiple order to offset the shipping cost. Just add four bags to your order and checkout should credit back the shipping charge. If it doesn't please let me know and I will deal with it.

All orders ship out with tracking numbers so you should know when it is almost there...

I don't have a grinder - can you do it for me ?

Yes I can, just select the grind level at order. I would however strongly suggest buying even a $45 Oxo or Cuisinart Burr grinder online or look through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for a preowned. Just be careful not to buy one which was used for flavored coffee as they are almost impossible to clean completely, unless you're already partial to French Vanilla say.

I don't know how much coffee to order?

So if you took my advice and got yourself a grinder, buying a box of four bags of beans will be fine. My coffee is roasted much fresher than the often year old stock that you might find on your grocery shelf. If your current coffee has a "use by" date, odds are it was roasted one year before that date. If it takes you a week (or even two) to get through a single bag, then as long as they stay sealed, your coffee won't change appreciably and you will make most effective use of the box and free shipping.

If you order ground coffee, again, if it stays sealed in the bag, and is used within a month or two it should be okay.

In either case, store in a reasonably stable temperature environment like your pantry - no need to freeze the bags, you will probably make things worse with condensation.

Can I buy bigger bags ?

I do have options for other size bags but bear in mind how long they may stay fresh once opened. Better to have two 8oz bags sometimes than one larger if you have a smaller coffee habit. But if you're the Big Gulp of coffee drinkers, then just select the relevant size to add to your basket.

Can you do K-Cups for me?

At present, Amazon is making essential items a priority delivery and sadly, blank K-Cups that I have been sourcing don't fall into that category. For now I would suggest getting one of the "coffee adaptor" available to allow you to fill your own grind. I am looking at other sources of K-Cups but for now, that's not an option.

What if I have other questions ?

Message me!