CONGO Kivu Virunga


Tasting Notes:
A super clean lot from the Congo – amazing considering all the trouble this year in the Kivu – beautiful prep on these beans. Great floral and soft fruit tones upfront with a bit of brightness balanced with a tea spiced chocolaty factor, not too overwhelming or potent like some Africans. Smooth with almost a brown sugar hint at a strong medium roast. Pretty much everyone will love this coffee, a great everyday drinker.

The Region

Hutwe village is located in the Kirumba region of Nord-Kivu (North of Lake Kivu), on the edge of Virunga National Park, bordered by Uganda to the east. The region has excellent conditions for specialty arabica production with plentiful rainfall, high altitude and highly fertile volcanic soils. The region is also very poverty-stricken and has had a severe lack of infrastructure which has made high quality arabica both difficult to produce and very challenging to export. Virunga Coffee Company has sought to overcome many of these problems through hands-on farmer education and investment in local infrastructure such as roads and bridges. This has allowed quality improvements every season and, in turn, higher premiums for farmers.

Hutwe station is located at 1,790 masl in Kirumba zone, a very challenging region plagued with rebel groups. Like Virunga’s other washing stations, Hutwe operates a Penagos eco-pulper. The station processes cherries from smallholder farmers at altitudes ranging between 1,500 and 1,800masl. The coffee here is typically of the Bourbon variety, which thrives in these high altitudes, as well as a local subvariety called Rumangabo.