Dark(er) Matter Blend


Based on our very popular Dark Matter, this blend is for those who want a little extra Dark. So we called it Dark(er).

The easy way would be to roast it longer and harder and end up burning it. But that's not our way. Instead we researched the ratios of the single origins making up the blend and found that increasing the Sumatran component produced a "darker" taste without compromising the beautiful single origin characters.

While this blend may be darker and fuller, there's just a bare sheen of oil - the flavour is coming from carefully selected Central and South American origins and Indonesian highlights. Some French roast are made with whatever comes to hand and you would never know - however, just like chefs say whatever wine you cook with should be something you would enjoy drinking, we believe using the best single origins in a blend is the only way to go.

We call it Dark(er) Matter.